¡Vamos México!


Landon Donovan is seemingly catching shit for “rooting” for Mexico. I feel Donovan has the freedom to root for whichever team he wants to root for. This outcry against him for seemingly rooting for a rival is kind of bogus. The more insulting aspect of it is that its just part of an advertising campaign.

I personally would like to see Mexico do well in the World Cup (to hopefully bring respect to CONCACAF). As a casual fan, I do not share the history of a rivalry with Mexico. I just wish this all wasn’t coming from an icky ad campaign from a crooked company.

And now Psych? What!? You know that’s right.

When you’re sick and you feel like death, but there is a Monk marathon on TV: it’s all going to be okay.

Shingles update: a week later and I’m still quite itchy. The worst of it seems to be over. I hope the road to recovery is quick.

If you need me, I’ll be taking a nice apple cinnamon oatmeal bath. 👌🏻