Me, at the end of my summary to Max on why we have Martin Luther King Jr day off from work and school: “Martin Luther King Jr wanted to ensure that everyone is treated equally and we take this day to remember what he did and what is still left to do. We should always treat people fair and with respect. Do you think you can treat all of your friends with kindness and respect?”

Max: “Yeah and I like to stomp my feet.”

Good talk.

Last week, Ashley found the back of the Land Rover had been egged. My guess is that it was probably perpetrated by some bored high school students. However, Ashley thinks it may have been in response to the Maple Leafs flag that hangs next to our garage. Either way, as far as I can tell we have done nothing to warrant this. I finished cleaning off the remnants today.

Christmas 2017


Max received his very own pair of ice skates for Christmas. He had been taking lessons, a parent and tot class where I was able to skate alongside him, throughout the autumn. He seemed overjoyed when he opened them. Luckily, there was a small ice rink constructed on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk for the season and this allowed us to take them for a spin on Christmas day. This was also the first time that Ashley was able to skate with us. We were able to skate three-aside, holding hands: Max in the middle, a chain of arms and hands. As we were skating around the tiny sheet of ice, I felt the warmth of Max’s hand in mine. I could see the sun setting on the beach. I want to remember this moment for the rest of my life.

At the suggestion of my wife, I started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I’m about a third of my way through it and it’s a very enjoyable read.