We are currently having improvements made on our home. The drywall has needed repairs since we moved in. We neglected to have the work done before moving in due to the time commitment of finding someone to perform the work while managing a move at the same time. This is much needed maintenance and I will be happy once it is complete. However, the journey to that completion has been a slog.

The largest issue is “stuff.” What do we do with our “stuff?” The contractor we are working with will handle moving and protecting large pieces of furniture, but we need to move our “stuff” off of the furniture. That is a reasonable request, but it has been a stressful undertaking for me.

Our kids each have their own toys and books that end up strewn around the house. This is their “stuff.” Ensuring this “stuff” doesn’t consume our shared living space is a constant battle. Ashley and I also have our “stuff” littered throughout the home: books, memorabilia, and tchotchkes. As I was moving a few autographed hockey sticks around, my immediate thought became “why?” Why do we have this stuff? These items are not even on display. We have moved them three times now and we have never displayed them in any of our residences. Why do I feel the need to pack them around with us? Why do I feel compelled to protect them in a half-assed manner? These items are not encased or stored properly. These items may have some monetary value, but these items will not fetch that much if sold. Yet, I feel compelled to keep and care for these items. Why?